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Double Exposure Blackjack is somewhat different to the classic blackjack games with the dealer’s cards both being face up from the start. This means you know from the start if it is worth hitting or standing with the cards you have. This game is played using 6 decks of cards, which are shuffled before each game begins.

The theme is the same as other table games that can be played in an online casino, the background music is relaxing and gets you in the mood to gamble away the big bucks! The table which this online casino game is played on is a dead ringer for the tables found in the casinos all over the world. You may play this game using one seat at the table or all three can be used if you wish to play on more hands.

When blackjack was first introduced in casinos it was still called Twenty-one, however it wasn’t very popular so the casino owners decided to give a bonus on any hand that had a black jack in it. This is where the name blackjack came from and is still used today even though those casino bonuses have been done away with. It is now one of the most wide spread games, with different variations all around the world.

Although the blackjack name remained a jack is no longer the only card that can help you to get a blackjack hand – now all you need is an ACE and either a ten card. Ten cards can be either the number 10, a Jack, A queen or a King card. So players have all the more chances of winning these days.

What’s different about Double Exposure Blackjack?

Double Exposure Blackjack is played in a different way to Classic Blackjack since you are given that extra bit of information about the dealers cards right from the start of the game. Therefore all the well known Blackjack rules and strategies go out the window, if you would normally stand when you draw 17 yet you now see that the dealer has 18, then the only thing to do would be to hit again which in any other online casino blackjack game would be considered suicide. That’s the way it goes in this table game.

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This information given by the dealer can be beneficial for the player, so to maintain the winning edge casinos will remove the push option, as usually when the player and the dealer draw the same value in a hand then the players bet will be given back. Not in this game though!

The bet is taken by the online casino and the player loses the round. The same goes for a blackjack hand, if the player gets an ACE and a ten in the first two cards he will be paid out his own bet doubled, there will be no extra bonus for getting blackjack involved in this game. In some casinos, you will also find that the double down feature has been un-enabled to give the house its edge back.

Either way this is an exciting way to play blackjack and gives the players who frequent the blackjack tables a chance to shake up their strategies and try something new. Enjoy this fantastic game of Double Exposure.

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