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On this page you will find a list of all the online casino slots available for your enjoyment. From alien robots to Wild witches you can find all the best known and loves online casino slots, you will also find all the new slots available updated here as soon as they are available in the online casinos.

Every slot has something unique, whether it be it’s fun filled theme or it’s money making bonus games- You will surely find something to suit your tastes. To get full details on how each slot works and what each slot game has to offer, simply click on the online casino slot icons below and read all about your favourite slot and find out which online casino you can play your chosen game in.

Play for Free on All Devices

Want to play a Video Slot, but not spent money? You can try out all the following games for free, on both desktop and mobile devices!

Video slots are the modern day equivalent of the slot machines that are usually found in land casinos. These slots come in all shapes and sizes and since they are totally computer generated they can have many more features and bonus games than the regular casino slot machines, thus adding to the fun without taking away the authenticity that makes slot machines so popular. In fact slot games both online and in land casinos are the most popular of all casino games, with around a third of all the profits being made by them.

It’s not wonder that these fun filled games are the most popular as they are simple to play and give a wide range of ways to pay with all their different bet levels, bet lines and coin values. You can bet as little or as much as you like, it’s all in your hands. There are also different reel quantities for different online casino slots. The choice is yours whether you want to play  on 3 reels, 5 reels or even 7 reel video slots. All this before you get onto the themes and high quality graphics each online casino video slot has to offer! No matter what tickles your fancy you will find something to match it playing the video slots. These video slots also give you lots and lots of different symbols to play with making the games more interesting and varied.

Most online casino video slots will have the free spins option. This is generally activated when you land on the symbol most commonly referred to as the scatter symbol, it can also be called the free spin symbol in a few games. Once you land on the amount of symbols in the correct order you will get your chance to win with the free spins, these more often than not will pay back many times more than the bet you placed and therefore are something to aim for when playing a video slot . This keeps players going and gives something really reachable to play on for. The amount of free spins is directly relevant to the amount of scatter symbols you land on. Many online casino video slots will also offer you a multiplier whilst playing free spins! Check out which video slot will give you the biggest multiplier and the most free spins to help you on your way to hitting it rich. Multipliers will pay you the bet win times the amount on the multiplier making each winning bet line much more worth your while.

Desktop Slots

The following Video Slots are outdated, and only available on desktop. Mobile users will not be able to play these games.

Different online casinos will offer different types of video slots, some will be ready to play and others will need to be downloaded. Once you have decided which online casino you want to play your preferred video slot on and you can proceed from there. Depending on the software provider for the casino you will be given different betting options and different ways to pay and play.

Video slots in online casinos also have the WILD symbols. These symbols will stand in the place of all other symbols to get you to a winning bet line. These symbols usually also have a symbol value of their own as well as being the substitute for other video slot symbols. Wild symbols will take on a different character for every different slot, they will fit in with the theme of the video slot in play. Some will have vampire slayers while others will be a magician’s hat whatever suits the mood.

Offline Slots

The Video Slots in the list below are unfortunately no longer available. You can still read the full reviews we previously wrote for each game by clicking on one of the images.

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