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In today’s online world it can be difficult to make the decision of which online casino is the right one for you and your needs. With hundreds of casinos to choose from all having their own unique selling points and different sign up bonuses to choose from where does one start? Well look no further, since us lovely people here at onlinecasino1 have done all the work for you so all you have to do is sit down relax and take a gander through are online casino review pages.

But be warned what you find in our reviews will make you laugh, make you cry and some may even make you question ever logging onto a computer again! All in all, this is an honest and direct approach to helping you to choose the safest and best casinos online for you to play your favourite online casino games.

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So, what will you find in our review pages?

Over the next pages you will find everything and anything you need to know to help you choose your online casino and sign up with ease, getting the most out of the bonuses on offer and learning what costs come with every bonus given. There are many aspects to look at when choosing your preferred casino, one of the first things to check is whether or not they operate in your region. If it is for example a Dutch casino, can it be played for someone from the United Kingdom? If you are from the UK and the answer is no, then you best look elsewhere.

What are the ways I can pay at the online casino of my choice? If for example you are a player who abhors credit cards and anything to do with credit, you may want other payment options that don’t involve credit card payments….perhaps you have never used things like Moneybookers or Paypal and need some help on getting started. This brings us to another important part of what an online casino should offer – customer support! Everyone needs help from time to time, and non so much as when it comes to all things internet related then add the extra confusion of online casinos and you are heading for trouble if you have no one there to help you past all your woes. Even further than just support, there should be a live chat open for the most part of the day, because if you are sitting there with a wad full of money to play with chances are you want to do it NOW! So live chat can clear up any problems there and then and see you on your way to an afternoon or evening of thorough enjoyment at your favourite casino game.

What to look for from a live chat agent, simple. The agent should be polite, courteous above all helpful and to the point! Niceties are nice, but when you need an issue solved the person helping you should be up to date and be able to act fast to set you on your way to where you want to be – which is definitely not chatting to someone who can’t really help you. Also, the support should be offered in all languages for the countries in which it operates – if you are a native Spanish speaker and the casino allowed you to sign up, it should give you the help you need and deserve the same as say English speaking players are given.

Do you have a preferred software provider, then that’s another one to watch out for as some games need to be downloaded and some are instant play. Even some online casinos themselves have to be downloaded, so it depends on what your commitments will be to that casino and the games they offer. I know this all sounds confusing but in the long run it will benefit you and your game playing, some online casinos cater better for players who are mad about videoslots while others tend to lean more towards table games such as poker and can even offer poker rooms and tournaments. It is also good to check out what the theoretical returns are for the games offered by certain software providers and casinos as that will have some effect over how well you do in a game that requires no skill such as video slots.

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Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Ahhhh the beloved Terms and Conditions, everything has them yet most people overlook them and scroll down to the I agree button and have down with it. This should not be the case with online casinos, not because they are all evil and not to be trusted, but on the contrary they will mostly be upfront with their players about everything right from the very start. The players however might not take the time needed to review what the casino has said in their rules and regulations page, so when said player comes to withdrawing his or her winnings they could be in for a big surprise when they see they have to wager that money they received with their deposit another 40 times….and yes it happens a LOT!. So be wise and read up on what the online casino of your choice has to say, knowledge is power at the end of the day.

Ok, so we have made it through the sign up, have deposited our first amount of cash and have agreed with the terms and conditions of the casino of our choice – great stuff! Now after playing and winning some money because at the end of the day that’s why we are all here right? So you have had a nice win and want to withdraw that cash to go splurge on that new suit or dress or whatever takes your fancy….what do you have to do to get that money? Almost every single casino will ask for some form of identification upon withdrawal, you will need to scan them a copy of your ID card, license, passport or some other legitimate form of ID. If you don’t have a scanner at home no worries, you can use your phone of camera to take a picture of your identification and upload it to the website.

Remember when withdrawing it could take a couple of days for the money to be transferred to your account, so try not to withdraw at weekends if you are in need of the cash since most finance people take the weekends off. I hop this information was helpful and relevant, enjoy the next pages and Good Luck!!

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