Welcome to our page dedicated to the wonderful world of online casino slots games. These games that have captured many a player with their up to date graphics and sound effects, fun-filled themes and huge money prizes to be won. On this page you can find out all you need to know about how to play slots and what they have to offer. The bonuses and prizes they have in store for you as well as the hours on non-stop fast paced fun. On this page we’ll give a brief explanation about 4 slot types: Bonus Slots, Classic Slots, Jackpot Slots and Video Slots. Want to know more about one of these right now? Click on one of the images below to get extensive information about your choice!

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Slots are games that can be found in land based casinos, bars and pubs and now in online casinos for your home enjoyment. These games are usually based on 3 or more spinning reels, these reels have various symbols on them and spin around when the SPIN button is pressed. Each spin can be of a certain bet value, this is determined by what coin value you choose to play at, how many bet lines you want to play on and at which bet level the game is being played. All these factors will add up to your total bet per spin and will have a direct effect on the amount each bet line pays out.

The first slot machine was invented in San Francisco in the 1800’s by a man called Charles Fey. It was a spin off from a poker game, however to make it easier he simplified it by exchanging the cards for symbols. The concept was easy just spin 3 symbols in a row and get paid out accordingly. Every symbol had a different value that was calculated by the slot machine and paid out to the player in coins through the drawer at the bottom. This game become so popular that it was found in many saloons, pubs , brothels and barber shops. The slot machine was copied by other machine manufacturers and gained more and more popularity around the world. It was also known by the name – one armed bandit, due to the lever on the side of the slot machine which players could pull to start the spins. This name was quite suitable for the game due to the fact that it sometimes left its players penniless just like a real bandit!

How to Play:

Playing slots is a relatively easy game that doesn’t require much skill. First you need to determine what amount of coins per spin you would to bet. This is done by choosing the coin denomination that best suits you, then every slot will have a different anumber of bet levels to play on. By choosing this you will increase the amount of money you spend on any spin. There is also the bet line choice- slots have a number of bet lines on the reels. Bet lines are the ways in which you can make winning symbol combinations. Once this has all been chosen you can then go on to press the SPIN button on the main screen of the online casino slot. You can choose to either keep pressing this button everytime you want to spin or you can choose the option that many of the new online casino slots have, the autoplay. This will allow you to play for as many times as you like without even having to be present at the slot.

Types of online casino slots:

There are numerous types of online casino slots, all with different features and different unique selling points. Most of the newer games are based on well known and day to day themes that most people are familiar with and can relate to in some way. Others offer a one of a kind advantage point that makes winning big money easier and more entertaining. These slots can be broken down into 4 major groups : Bonus Slots, Classic Slots, Jackpot Slots and Video Slots.

Bonus Slots

This certain type of slot usually comes with a special bonus feature that can be activated once you land on 3 or more bonus symbols. This type of online casino slot will offer fun chances to win big money during the bonus round. There are many types of Bonus games, for example Devil’s Delight online casino slot game has a bonus feature where you have to match the sin to the sinner and collect his soul for the devil. Another one of a kind example is the Boom Brothers slot that takes you to a mine to collect diamonds, gold and precious stones with a win guaranteed everytime. There are many types of bonus games, some are no more than a set of free spins with a multiplier to make things more exciting. In some of the features you will be given a number of characters that you must click on to reveal amounts of hidden coins for you to win.

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Classic Slots

These slots are mostly based on the original one arm bandit type games, and many of them still use the famous Liberty Bell among their symbols and some even have a lever at the side for show. These slots have stood the test of time, however in the new computerized versions that you will find in online casinos these games have special features that make them irresistible to the classic slot lover. Some of them come with extra features such as heads and tails games where you can choose to gamble the money you have won over and over, or a few even have jackpot bonus that can be won and are activated by spinning and landing on a particular set of symbols. Unlike their videoslot counterparts, the classic slots tend to be played on 3 reels and some have only 1 bet line, while others have up to 5 bet lines.

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Jackpot Slots

These jackpot games offer 1 or more jackpot prizes to be won. These can be static jackpots for the online casino slot you are playing or they can be progressive. The progressive jackpot occurs when more than one videoslot game is linked up with the other to pool together and create an even bigger jackpot prize to be won. The amount is significantly higher than what 1 slot machine could pay out on its own, as a small portion of all the players bets are pooled together to create the jackpot. So the more players, the bigger the prize.

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Video Slots

Video Slots are the latest in innovation for online casino slots, with the most advanced graphics and sound effects. These are fast paced reels that are spun by the computer in a random order, the player is in fact playing a computer game. This gives the player the benefits of the best graphics around and mostly come with an intro and a small movie like scene when a big win has been spun. Video Slots often have up to 5 reels which gives the player a much larger chance of winning combinations. More symbols are present and there are many more bet lines to play on, however with online casino video slots, by playing the Maximum bet you will also be playing for a higher bet value per spin. The offers of special bonuses and features keep the player intrigued and gives you something to play for as most players will keep spinning till they get the free spins or bonus game in order to win all the money back.

Online casino slots are among the most popular games around, they also offer the chance at free spins. This is a feature that most of the games offer, where by landing on 3 or more of a certain symbol you will be awarded the relative number of free spins. This can depend on the number of symbols that activate the round or can be pre determined. Most videoslots also pay out any free spin wins by using a multiplier making it even more worthwhile waiting for. The reels will then spin for the given times at the bet value of the spin that started them off, wins will be added together on the last free spin and multiplied by the multplier, then added to your current coin bank.

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