Poker Games

Poker is a very in depth table game using decks of playing cards, and requires skill in order to win a hand. There are many variations on this popular game, it is played in online casinos , land casinos and even has a big place in homes and specific meeting places where people get together to play this game with other players. This is a game, that can be thoroughly rewarding with some people even choosing it as their full time career, however this highly addictive game can have devastating results if the rules and strategies are not clearly adhered to, players will also need to show caution in this game and know their limits as the stakes can really sore through the roof in some of these hot and heavy poker games.

Poker games rules and strategies

Getting started with poker, you must first decide where you want to play, will it be on a casino table or from your own home in an online casino game. Will you play against real players with a live dealer or will you choose to play video poker? Once this has been decided you will then sit at your chosen poker table and the game starts. There will usually be a pre- determined bet amount called the big blind or the Ante. This is a forced bet of sorts which all other players have to match or raise to stay in the game. The dealer will deal out 2 cards to each player, also known as hole cards in some games, these are face down for only the player involved to see. Once these cards have been dealt out to each player at the poker table game then all players are given the option to fold ( give up the hand and wait for the next round ), call ( match the bet made by the big blind ) or raise ( which means add extra coins to the big blind value ). If a player has raised the bet then the betting will go around again until all the other players either fold or match the higher bet for the poker game in question.

Once everyone in the game have matched the highest bet or opted out of the current game, the dealer will then go on to reveal three ‘community’ cards – these are cards put in the middle for all to see also known as the ‘flop’. This may change everything for each individual player, so there will be the second round of betting in which the players can check if no player prior to them has raised the bet, fold if they think the cards they have are no longer strong after seeing the flop, or raise the bet if they have faith that they have the highest ranking hand in this poker table game. The dealer then goes on again to reveal one more community card known as the ‘turn’….this in turn will change everything for the players in this intense poker game. So another round of betting will occur as before, with poker players being asked to check, fold or raise until satisfied. The fifth and final community card to be revealed is dealt be the dealer, commonly called the ‘river’. Again another round of betting occurs, this goes on until all bu one player has folded or they choose to reveal their cards and the highest hand will win.

Poker Hands

There are different types of hand in poker, all can give you a winning hand but which ones beat which? What is the highest ranking hand and what is the lowest? Here below you can find an overview of what hand is what in order highest to lowest ranking hands.

Royal flush – The Royal flush is a series of five cards starting from ten up to the Ace card all of the same suit. All suits rank the same in poker so any suit will give you a royal flush.

Straight flush – The Straight flush is any five cards in corresponding order following the same suit.

Four of a kind – This hand consists of four cards all of the same numeric value regardless of the suit.

Full House – This is when you get three of a kind and a pair, this will give you two types of hand in the same round. In this the hand, if more than one player gets a full house then the player with the highest three of a kind would win.

Flush – This is five cards all of the same suit, this can be any suit. The rank of this suit will depend on the highest card in play, so if two or more players had a flush hand then the winner would be the person with the highest card.

Straight – This is a five card hand which has all five cards in consecutive order but following any suit. Similar to a flush in the fact that if more than one player has this hand in a poker game the person who has the highest flush wins.

Three of a kind – The hand needs to have three cards all of the same numeric value.

Two pair – Players need to have 2 separate pairs of cards in the hand dealt.

One pair – Any two cards of the same numeric value.

High card – this is when no particular poker hand has been made and the game is over the players left in must reveal their cards, where no poker hand is revealed the player with the high card will win.

We hope this information was useful and you will enjoy playing you favourite poker games at your favourite online casino! Good Luck.

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