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Roulette is a popular table game consisting a table of numbers and a wheel that is spun by the dealer at every round. The aim of the game is to place the bet you want on the number or numbers of your choice, if the ball lands on the number you have placed your bet on in the wheel you will win back your bet plus the payout for that number. The name roulette actually comes from a French word which means small wheel. This is a widely popular game all over the world and is somewhat associated with a glamorous lifestyle as depicted in many movies.

The games is played as with other table games on a table with green felt and usually a live dealer that will spin the wheel and let the players know when there are no more bets to be places. There are 37 or 18 numbers on the spinning wheel, but only one can be the lucky number for each game. Every player in the game will have a different colour of chips, so more than one player can bet on the same number. Numbers are not the only way to win in this game although when a player wins with just one number the payout is much more attractive. The player can choose to bet on the colour of the winning number – black or red. All numbers fall into a colour category except for the zero which is usually green. The other way of placing bets is odd or even, again all numbers will obviously fall into one or the other so the player gets a 50/50 chance of winning, this doesn’t apply for the zero which again is on its own. It is possible to place your chips between two of four numbers all at the same time, and each will pay out a small portion of the win.

Types of bets in Roulette

There are different terms given to different types of bets in a roulette game, they are listed below for anyone who is new to a roulette table. The first lot of bets are called ‘inside bets’ and are played on the inside table which contains the numbers 0 to 37.

  • Straight – this is where a chip/chips are placed directly on one number only
  • Split – this is where a chip/chips are placed in the centre of two numbers
  • Street – this is when a chip or chips are placed on the end of a horizontal line and bets on all three numbers on that line
  • Corner – this is when a chip or chips are placed in the middle of four separate numbers (at the intersection)
  • Double Street – this is when a chip or chips are placed between two horizontal lines at the end of the table(bet on 6 numbers)
  • Trio – this can only be used in games with one zero, the chip/chips are placed between the zero and 1,2 or 2,3
  • Basket – a chip is placed on the horizontal line and covers o,1,2 and 3

The next lot of bets are known as ‘outside bets’ and are placed on the table outside the main box. These will pay out less than the inside bets, but give more of a 50/50 chance of winning.

  • 1 – 18 – chips placed here will win if the ball lands on any number in this range
  • 19 – 36 – chips placed here will win if the ball lands on any number in this range
  • Red or Black – if the ball lands on a number of that colour you win
  • Even or Odd – if the ball lands on a number of your choice then you win
  • Dozens – you can choose the first, second or third dozen to have the winning number
  • Columns – bets that one of the 12 numbers in any one column will be the winning number

Some people claim that there are strategies with which you can play and beat the house in a game of roulette, however it has never been proven since this is basically a game of luck, nobody can guess where the ball will land no matter how much the game is played and how much they study the subject. Some players claim that they can determine what the next spins will be by the past, however this is rarely true for the anything in this life – the future can not be judged by the past unfortunately!

So if a game of pure luck and enjoyment is what you are after, I suggest you get to your nearest casino or log onto your online casino of choice and get playing this age old game of spinning the wheel of your fortune! Good Luck!

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