Casino Hold’em

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This poker game is very similar to the other popular poker game Texas Hold’em poker, however in this specific variant of the table game you get to play against the casino/dealer themselves.

Casino Hold’em is played using a standard pack of 52 playing cards, shuffled before each deal as with other poker games. This game has a distinctive feature the AA-bonus. This is an optional feature, which gives players the chance to place a separate bet on the table in the AA-bonus section on the table.

AA-bonus for Casino Hold’em

AA-Bonus bet will pay off only when your hand contains a pair of Aces or a higher pair after the first three cards have been dealt, these are called the community cards. Once the first round has been played then the player will receive his or her winnings from this AA bonus. Payouts for this option are as follows : A pair of Aces to a Straight will give you a payout of 7 to 1, and a flush hand or higher will pay out 25 to 1.

How to play

It starts as any other game of online casino poker of this kind. The player will put down the Ante by clicking one of the coin values. In this game the coin values are : 1,5 and 10. There is also a delete coin for any bets you want to remove before the cards are dealt. If the player is choosing to bet on the AA bonus this is the time to place the extra bet as well. Then the dealer deals the cards, two face up to each player, two face down to his/herself and three in the middle of the table to create the ‘flop’.

The game progresses using the same rules as usual, Betting where the player sees fit or folding if the player wishes. When the player folds all bets are lost including any extra bets made on the double ace bonus. To stay in the game, the first additional bet will be double whatever the Ante was. The dealer will then reveal the next card and the same rules apply for all the player, the fifth and final card is then revealed. Any players still in the game will compare to the dealers hands to find the winner of the game.

For the dealer to be in with a chance of winning this online casino version of Casino Hold’em he/she must have a pair of fours or higher. If the dealer doesn’t have a pair of fours or higher then player will keep his ante and call bets and will be paid out according to the Ante winnings payout table. If the dealer does have a pair of fours or higher however, and the hand is better than the players the player will lose all bets on his part. For a dealer/player same hand then it will be called a push and the player takes back any Ante and Call bets placed.

To view all the payout tables you can simply click on the question mark button on the Casino Hold’em table, as well as other game rules information can be found here. Game settings are available under the spanner symbol. Good Luck and enjoy!

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