Texas Hold’em Pro Series

Arguably the most popular of all the poker games and maybe even the most widely played game, Texas Hold’em Pro Series poker is a well known card game. This online casino version of the table game is played using 1 deck of 52 playing cards, shuffled before each and every round.

There are a total of four bets that can be placed for each hand dealt. The Ante is the first bet placed, and is made without seeing any of the five cards that will form your hand. The next bet is the flop, then the turn followed by the river. Each bet placed after the ante will be equal to the amount played for the Ante bet.

Playing Texas Hold’em Pro Series Poker

The first step is to place your ante bet, this can be anything up to 1000 euros if you choose to play in high roller mode. The dealer will then deal you two cards face up and two cards to the dealer face down. These are your pocket cards. Depending on the cards you are dealt you can then choose to call and place an extra bet on the next card or you can fold and lose the ante bet. If you called the bet, then the dealer will deal the next three cards which are called the flop. Once you have seen these you will be able to decide if you want to call again and move on to the turn.

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If you have decided to either call or check, check will allow you to move on to the next bet without having to add any more money to the pot, another card is then turned and then it proceeds to the last card in the same way as before.

Once all the cards are dealt then the dealer will reveal his two face down cards, the player with the best poker hand will win this online casino game. In the case of the dealer and the player having the same hand value then the round is a tie and the bets are off. Poker hands are not effected by the suits.

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