Robin Hood slot

Robin Hood the outlaw from Sherwood Forest who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor is here to give you your share of the loot!! This is a new slot machine with excellent graphics and sound effects with multiple chances to win big money! So let Robin and his band of Merry Men lead you to the riches awaiting you in this super new on-line slots game! Get playing.

Robin Hood is only available on desktop. Check out our Video Slot page for a list of slots that you can play for free on all devices.

Play for Real Money

Getting started

There are 20 line combinations to be made in this slots game:

  • Coin value starts at 1euro cent and goes up to 50 euro cents
  • Maximum bet is 100 euros and minimum bet is 20 euro cents
  • Highest value per line is paid out
  • Lines start from left hand side

The tale of Robin Hood has been retold many times and handed down from generation to generation, the story is about a man who would rob the rich people to give the money to the poor people. So the tale says he lived in Sherwood Forest in Nottingham England. He lived in the forest and his friends got the name of merry men. The first references to his existence started around the 1200’s. It is still debated today whether he was a real person or just a fictional character born out of the people’s need for a hero. One thing is for sure though that the Robin Hood in this online casino game will definetly rob the money to put in your bank account!

Money bags bonus game

One of the symbols in this new slot is a money bag, every time this symbol shows up on the screen Robin Hood will pop out and drop the bag into one of the 5 chests at the bottom of the screen. Once you have collected 4 money bags in the chests you will go on to the FREE SPINS round. This gives you a chance to win without using your own money. The shifting reels also apply to this bonus game. To find out how much each chest is worth, you can click on the full chest for the value.

If you don not manage to get to 4 money bags in a chest at first try , you can leave the game and come back as you wish – All money bags are saved for up to a year.

Shifting Reels

With every line you win the reels shift to the left. So for the first line you win the highest bet , then all the reels shift one to the left and spin again. If you make another line combination then you win x2 the amount. On the second shift to the left you win x3 of the bet amount . The third shift pays out at x5 and carries on this way until no more lines are made. This not only your doubles your winnings , you can actually times your winnings by 5!!

Winning lines

All lines start from the left, you need a minimum of 3 matching symbols per line. If there are more than one winning combo per line, you will be paid on the highest bet only. ROBIN HOOD symbols substitutes for all symbols in a line. The Money bag also turns into a Robin Hood symbol to aid in making more lines.

Free Spins

Free spins can be earned by getting 2 or more free spin buttons on the slots screen. If 2 Free spin symbols appear on screen then you earn 5 free spins – With 3 Free spins on screen you earn 10 free spins!! Free spin symbols will only appear on reel numbers 3,4 and 5. During free spins one of the 5 character buttons are selected as extra wild cards . They all differ in value with Robin Hood being the highest paying and the Butch man the lowest paying.

Symbol values:

Robin Hood – First
Friar Tuck – Second
Daggers – Third
Knight -Fourth
Butch man – Fifth

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