Evolution slot coming soon!

Evolution slot is the latest video slot from Net Entertainment and will be hitting online casinos very shortly. The idea behind this latest addition to the many top quality games from NetEnt is of course evolution. The evolution of the world and everything in it has been ongoing since the beginning of time and will never stop, the same can be said for all the newly released slots that are evolving too! This brand new slot for 2012 sees creatures we know today evolving into a whole other species that can survive in the new environment which starts off in another world and goes on to yet another for the free spins.

With the latest voyage to Mars there is no better time for NetEnt to release this slot, as who knows what the future holds for us now that exploring other worlds is possible. The symbols in this slot include rodent like creatures with wings that resemble insects in this new slot – Evolution! There are even snail type creatures that seem to be able to survive in water, plus mice-like symbols among other strange creatures that have evolved to survive in the new climate they have found themselves in. Evolution happens when creatures or people of the population die and are replaced by a new generation of people that were created by the people who are best adapted and have the most survival skills, giving way to a newer and better species. This slot is the newest in slot machines and will definetly outlive the rest of the vide slots out there!

The free spins in Evolution slot take you away from outer space and to a whole new land that is similar to the world in the 2009 movie Avatar, which was based on the moon Pandora. The 10 free spins are awarded with every three free spins symbols and it is even possible to win more and more free spins to prolong your stay in this beautiful new world. The evolution feature is also a new one for this new online casino slot which sees the symbols that are part of the winning bet lines evolve into other creatures giving you even more winning combinations! At the end of the free spins a meteorite will smash your points and you will be transported back to the main game. Evolution has the latest in video slot graphics and is definitely leaving the competition behind!

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