Facebook launches real money bingo game!

Facebook has made its first attempt to enter the world of online gambling by introducing its brand new app Bingo Friendzy! Bingo Friendzy is a joint venture between Facebook and Gamesys, who are currently one of the UK’s biggest online gaming operators. The brand new real money bingo game, Bingo Friendzy, is only available to UK users for the time being but once Facebook have monitored the success it won’t be long until it is available all over the world. It will also of course only be available to Facebook users over the legal age of 18 years old. With such a huge following it is no doubt that the bingo game will only be the first step before Facebook launch even more online gambling apps and pages.

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Facebook hinted that it would be veering towards real money games when it started allowing online casinos to make their own pages on Facebook which was previously restricted. Thus paving the way for them to launch their own real money bingo game – Bingo Friendzy, with the expectancy of others to follow. It has also been mentioned that the next venture for Facebook in this new real money genre will be slot machines, so watch this space! Other major online gambling companies are of course wanting to get a piece of the facebook pie! With talks already under way to offer online casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat among others.

There are even talks that the main gaming provider for Facebook, Zynga, will be converting their free play games to real money versions in the near future. Zynga already have a huge following and have a good brand name so the future looks bright for their partnership with the social networking giant! The catch with playing the online casino games that Facebook are creating is that they will be taking 30% of the cut for their own revenue, so anyone with some gaming experience is probably not rushing to sign up for Bingo Friendzy! Facebook of course chose very wisely by opting to use bingo as their stepping stone since it is known all over the world and so simple to play. Another benefit that facebook has is the players will have a hugely fun social aspect to their gaming in this environment since they can play against friends and acquaintances.

With the prediction that the online gambling world will still grow even throughout the diminishing economic situation, Facebook have made the right decision to launch Bingo Friendzy at exactly the right time. The USA is also said to be reviewing its online casino situation, and could well make it legal in the coming years!

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