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Gamban is one of the latest commercial companies offering to block gambling websites. The company was introduced in 2015 with the exact same aim as Betfilter and Gamblock, and did a great job selling their software. They were mentioned by BBC, SKY, The Guardian and ITV which makes me wonder if the software is for UK players only? The Gamban software works on most devices like Android, iOS, Windows and Apple computers. Does Gamban do the trick? We would like your feedback in case you have tried this software, so we can include it in our Gamban review if it’s useful information.

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Problem gambling is a big issue in the UK. I’m sure it’s a common issue in other countries as well, but in the UK there are many known cases of gambling addiction as well as ways to protect players. With Gamban there’s a new solution to stop the problem by installing software on your device in a couple of simple steps. On their website they refer to both the UK and World Wide protection, as well as gambling addition programs all over the world.  This indicates that Gamban is a casino website blocker for everybody, regardless of their location.

Why pick Gamban? Does it block Gambling websites?

As every online casino website blocker, Gamban listed many reasons why you should use their software:

  • Gamban works with an enormous cloud database to cross-check websites over all their platform;
  • They only block gambling websites,  so other websites stating “gaming” or “casinos” will be left alone;
  • They sell mostly the simplicity of their platform – it’s easy to use and hard to notice running in the background.

If their claims are correct it should be one of the better blockers for online gambling sites.

Some amazing reviews for Gamban!

We did not buy the Gamban software our selves so we did our usual review check on other websites like Google Play and Trustpilot. We were amazed by the positive reviews Gamban received on their application, especially compared to other companies offering similar kind of products.

Trustpilot Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Great), based on 167(!) reviews from Gamban users – this is the highest score we have seen so far for any online casino website blocker. Even better, they’re very responsive on every review given (good and bad).

Play store Rating: 3.2 / 5 (Good), based on 75(!) reviews from Gamban users. Strangely the App is rated much lower than on Trustpilot. People are complaining about software that does not work or draining batteries.

All reviews given were recent, which makes it a good new comer.

You will have to pay to use Gamban

Gamban is not free, you will have to pay to install this piece of software on your device. From all the paid gambling website blockers this is one of the cheapest solutions. To compare to other blockers, we list the costs for 1 set-up for each blockers we check:

  • 1 Windows computer: 10 GBP (that’s about 11 EUR / 12 USD)
  • 1 Android device: 10 GBP

They charge the same amount of money for every device. Please note that currency conversions from your payment provider will be added on top of this. There’s no discount available when purchasing the software, but they do offer different kind of solutions. For example, they offer special packages for Enterprises who are willing to protect their employees by installing Gamban on every single device. It’s a lot cheaper for enterprises to purchase the software. For a small company with 1-19 employees you only pay 29 GBP per year. Interesting fact: did you know that 6% of 25-34 year olds gamble online while at work? That’s a huge number that I did not expect myself.

Is Gamban worth your Penny?

We think so! There’s loads of work-around to protect yourself from problem gambling. With this “cheap” application you can protect yourself instantly for a small fee. If you consider to use work-around we would suggest trying to use this Gamban first. It saves a lot of hassle and avoids abuse of loopholes that you’ve set for yourself.


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