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There are many software suppliers which can be used to block online casino websites. The question is, does Gamblock help to prevent online gambling and is it worth your money? Find out quickly with this review! Do you have a question about Gamblock services or do you want to share your experience about the Gamblock software? Please contact the online casino 1 team with your feedback and we will try to add it to this review.

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In case you, or a loved one has a gambling addiction it might be a good idea to install a blocker for gambling websites. One of the known blockers for online gambling sites is Gamblock. This Australian company (or that’s their address for written correspondence), can help you to stop gambling in full.

The major claims of Gamblock with Samsung or Personal Windows devices:

  • Automated blocking of incoming / outgoing calls to gambling companies;
  • Easy to transfer to a new device if needed;
  • Also works while using VPN / TOR network or while using a Proxy service;
  • Able to block Facebook games with gambling;
  • Will block pages, not full websites;
  • Will bock gambling related Apps;

If the above is true, Gamblock is one of the best blocking services for online casino websites.

So is Gamblock working according to its users?

We did NOT test the services of Gamblock ourselves, so we have to base the user experiences on information that can be found online, this might not reflect the truth about this software.

Rating Trustpilot: Poor (4.7 / 10) – based on 7 reviews, mainly complaining about GamBlock blocking pages that it should not block (for example, trying to order a Gaming mouse)

Rating Google Play: Poor (2.3 / 5) – based on 6 reviews, the Gamblock reviews basically complained about draining the battery or a not working Application, good point is that Gamblock Pty Ltd replied to all reviews given on Google Play.

The feedback given on both Google Play and the Trustpilot website were recent. A lot of people also seem to have the experience that it is impossible to get rid off the software, but I think this is a GOOD thing as that’s what the program is intended to do (not easy to be removed). On the GamCare support forums there’s an older topic from 2005 with loads of users having issues with the Gamblock software. The main problem seems to be the blocking of websites that should work. This feedback is 10+ years old so not trustworthy at the moment of writing this article.

Gamblock is a paid service

Unfortunately gamblock is not a free service, you have to pay to use the Gamblock software. The price of the software fully depends on the amount of devices and the kind of devices used. To give you an idea of the costs for this software we will use a quite standard configuration:

  • 1 Windows computer
  • 1 Android Self-Exclusion – Visible

The full price according to the website is 163.78 US dollar per year. This includes the 2 devices listed above and a 20% discount given. The shorter the duration of this service the more discount you will get and vise versa.  Please note that Apple computers are not in the list of platforms, iPhones and iPads are in the list of devices. There’s a lot of councilers offering discounts / free months to work with this software. An easy search on Google will help you to get those adjusted rates which are not reflected in the above calculations.

Visible / Invisible mode

Phone users are able to opt for a visible or an invisible mode. The invisible mode will be harder for other people to recognize if they would use your phone. Gamblock does this in the following way:

  • No gamblock icons are displayed (just general icons).
  • Will navigate to your homepage if a site related to gambling is opened.
  • Will not communicate with the Gamblock branding to the end user.

The visible version is exactly the opposite, basically showing all the Gamblock branding. Another difference is the cost, as the visible Gamblock version is cheaper.

Summary – Gamblock worth buying?

Are you looking for a service that blocks all the Gambling Traffic from your phone, tablet or pc? GamBlock might be the perfect solution for you. It will cost you some money but if gambling addiction is in play this investment is worth every Penny.

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