Blackjack Classic

Blackjack Classic ScreenshotBlackjack Classic is a your well known blackjack game using the basic rules of this popular table game. This can be played in an online casino for your comfort and enjoyment, using all the same old characteristics you know and love about this card game. In this instance the dealer is computerised and you can play either one or all five places on the table against the dealer. This is a great game for all you true blackjack lovers out there, which will keep you playing for hours and hours.

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This classic game in particular uses four decks of 52 playing cards, without the use of the jokers. All suits are of the same rank in this game. The dealer will start the game by dealing two cards to their self as well as two cardsto every player at the table. Your cards will be dealt face up, however the dealer will only reveal the first of his dealt cards and take a small sneak peek at his own. Once you have both of your cards, you can see the value of them and decide if you would like to stick with the hand you have been dealt or you would like to hit and take another card. If you decide to take another card then you should press the button HIT, if the card dealt to you takes your total card value past 21 then you will bust and lose the game, however if you draw a small card you can go on hitting until you get to your desired amount or until you hit twenty one. Once you have arrived at the card amount that satisfies you, you can click the button STAND. You must do this for every box you are playing on, and when you are ready it will be the dealers turn to reveal his hand in this online casino Classic blackjack game.

The dealer must now reveal his face down cards value, if the dealer has less than 17 he must hit. The dealer in this game can never stop below 17, so even if he has 16 on his cards he must still draw one more card until her gets 17 or bust. If the dealer busts then the player automatically wins on any hands that are still in play regardless of the value. The player also wins if the total hand he holds is higher than the total of the dealer, if by chance the both arrive at the same card value then the game is considered a push. In a push situation the player will take back his bet with no more nor less added to the amount.

What is a Blackjack?

To get a blackjack in this online casino blackjack game, your cards need to be an ACE and a ten then this is a blackjack and the player automatically wins with this hand. In this game the ten card is not the only card that represents ten though, the king, queen and jack also stand for ten. So if any of these cards in combination with an ace are dealt you will have a blackjack. The same goes for the dealer however, if he is dealt a blackjack then no other amount a player has not even twenty one can beat it and the player unfortunately loses.

In the event that the dealer reveals his first card to be an ace, the player is given the choice of insurance or even money. Insurance is a side bet where the player can bet on the dealer having blackjack and is thus paid out according to the game’s rules for insurance. In this game insurance pays out 2 times the bet made in insurance, which is usually half of the original bet. The even money option for this game is that when the ace appears in the dealers hand the player gets the chance to take his money back and lose nothing, nor win anything.

Splitting is also an option in this game, where a player can split his two cards if he has two of the same value so he is playing two hands on one box. The player then gets to decide to hit or stand in this online casino blackjack game. The only exception is if the player has two ace cards, he can not choose to hit more than once as the dealer will give only one more card to this split hand. Double down is also a feature, where the player can double his original bet if he thinks he has a strong hand.

Any extra information on this game can be found on the game screen, good luck!

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