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Pontoon is the British version of Twenty-one, the aim of the game is very similar to Blackjack where the highest hand would be twenty-one or in this case Pontoon. Yet the rules are very different to the modern table game Blackjack.

Pontoon has been around for many many decades and was the game of choice for the british army during the war. This game is a favourite for people who love to play at home with their friends and family….it is a game many people will be aware of from a young age in the United Kingdom for example. Pontoon can generally be played by 2 or more players, but in this online casino version you have the choice to play using one box or all three depending on what kind of game you like to play.

Pontoon Rules

The rules of Pontoon are different to blackjack rules, for a start they use different terms. The term for ‘Hit’ in Pontoon is ‘Twist’, and instead of ‘Stand’ they use ‘Stick’. In this online casino game of Pontoon you must draw your cards until they add up to the minimum value of 15 up to 21, anything over 21 is immediately a bust and you are out of the game. The dealer has to play until 17, so if dealer is on 16 or a soft 17 he must twist. In this table game the dealer wins all tie games, unless it is Pontoon. Pontoon, twenty-one is the highest possible hand and therefore trumps all other hands including 5 card Charlies!

5 Card Charlie

What is a 5 Card Charlie? A 5 Card Charlie occurs when a player or dealer manages to twist until he or she has 5 cards in their hands that add up to 21 or lower. This will not beat the dealer if they have Pontoon. The average frequency of this hand is roughly once every 50 hands.

In a game of Pontoon, when nobody gets a hand containing Pontoon then the dealer will replace the used cards at the bottom of the deck without shuffling, this makes card counting much simpler and gives the player an extreme upper hand. This online casino table game offers you the opportunity to buy cards. This will give you a better chance of higher stakes, one buy in will cost you the same as your initial bet and only one per hand is allowed. However after buying a card you can continue to twist until you have reached you desired amount.

The stick, twist, buy, double and split buttons will appear in the middle of the screen after the bets have been made for each seat in play. Simply click on the option you want for your next move. The maximum bet for this table game Pontoon is 40 euros and minimum is 1 euro. Any additional information and game setting options are all available from the buttons in the bottom left hand corner of the Pontoon screen. Good Luck!

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