Single Deck Blackjack

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Single deck blackjack is played following the classic blackjack rules, however using only one deck of 52 playing cards which are shuffled prior to every game. The cards 2 to 10 all represent the face value shown, the jack, queen and king cards all stand for a value of ten as well as the ace which can be considered a one or an eleven.

The dealer will stand when his cards add up to the value of 17, if however he has a soft 17, which means that the cards making up the 17 are an ace and a 6 for example then the dealer would have to take another card.

To win in this Blackjack game you need to have either 21, blackjack or where no 21 or blackjack has been made by players and dealer the person with a closer hand to 21 than the dealer will win. So for example if the dealer draws a 19 for his hand and you or any of the players have 20 then they will win. Any player with the a hand of the same value will push and receive the bet placed back but with no added extras to the amount. You will always have the option to hit or stand except for when you have a blackjack or twenty- one the cards will automatically stick and move on to the next player.

The game is over for the player or dealer if they draw any cards that add up to 22 or more – this is called Bust. To make a blackjack you must use only 2 playing cards, one being a ten/jack/queen/king and the other being and ACE. Blackjack wins over every hand in play even a twenty one and any other hand.

Double Down – Splitting – Insurance and Even Money

Double Down

Doubling Down can only be applied if your first cards dealt add up to a ten or an eleven, you can then place another bet equal to the first one and receive another card – but only one card is allowed in this game. Once you have doubled down the hand will automatically stand and the game continues.


Splitting is when you have 2 cards of the same value. For example two cards of value ten, you can then choose to split the cards in half and play double money for each split. You play the 2 hands one at a time and can even choose to split the split cards if you are dealt another card of the same value as the first. If you split aces you will only be allowed one more card after the split , but if it is any other card value you can hit or stand whenever you choose. Blackjack cannot be made up after a split, any blackjack hands in this online casino game will be considered twenty-one.


Insurance is a side bet that is made when the dealer reveals his first card to be an ACE. This gives him a good chance of having Blackjack, so by taking out insurance you are betting that the player has the blackjack hand and securing yourself a win of some sorts at the end of the round. To place this insurance bet it will cost one half of your initial bet and pays out 2 to 1 if you are correct and the dealer has a blackjack hand.

Even Money

If you have blackjack and the dealer shows his first card as an ACE you can choose to take even money, which pays one to one on your bet.

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