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This is a fast paced game of poker, which uses a single deck of playing cards that are shuffled before every round and offers two separate games to choose from.

The two games on offer in Trey Poker Pro are the Ante/Play game and the Pair Up game. In this online casino version you can choose one of the two games or choose to play both games simultaneously, when playing both you can place two seperate bets on each game giving you more chances to win. The game is played on the green felt tables as with other table games both online and in casinos.

Ante/Play and Pair Up games in Trey Poker Pro

The Ante/Play game in this online casino poker game is a game played against the dealer to see who gets the best poker hand out of the two of you, using only three cards each. The game starts with the player placing an Ante bet and being dealt three playing cards face up, if you like you cards you can then choose the play option and add an additional bet of the same value as your ante.

If you choose to give up on the hand you can fold but you will lose the ante. when you choose to play on, your three cards will be compared to the three cards drawn by the dealer and the best hand wins. The payout table can be found by scrolling over the board stating the minimum and maximum bets per game.

In the Pair up game of Trey Poker Pro, you don’t bet on the hand but you bet on having a pair of higher in the hand you are dealt. So the dealers hand is irrelevant in this option, you only need to be dealt a pair or more to win the bet. In some online casinos whilst playing both game option at the same time you may lose the pair up bet if you choose to fold the ante. Payouts are found as stated above and the minimum bet for both games is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 40 euros for each. If you bet the ante, pair up and play you can bet a total of 120 euros a round.

Most of the poker hands are used in this online casino poker game too, however in Trey Poker Pro they are based on three cards instead of 5. For example a royal flush is an ACE, King and Queen without the Jack or ten cards. All extra information can be found on the poker screen under the question mark symbol. Good Luck and enjoy!

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