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Roulette ScreenshotThe aim of this roulette game is to simply use your powers of prediction to guess which of the 37 numbers on the wheel will be the lucky one. The winning number is decided when the ball that is spun by the dealer lands in any one of the pockets on the roulette wheel, numbered 0 – 37. If you guess the correct number then you will be paid out the winnings according to the bet you placed and the payout odds of that number/ position.

Roulette players can place one or more bets per round. This bet can be placed on just one number or several numbers in one go. Bets can also be placed to determine whether the lucky winning number will be black or red, odd or even. These bets pay out less than numeric bets, the payout odds can be seen on the actual online casino roulette table itself. In this game, once all the bets have been placed by the player you can then proceed to click the spin button on the roulette screen. The wheel will then start to spin and the ball rolls in the opposite direction to the wheel, once it loses momentum the wheel will stop and the ball will fall into a pocket. Once the ball stops, the dealer will place a ‘dolly’ – which is a marker to mark the winning number, on the table. All non winning bets will be removed and the winning player will be paid out accordingly.

How to play Roulette:

Playing roulette is really easy, you just have to place the bet of your desire on the number or group of numbers you desire. There are many types of pre-set bets, such as Series, Orphelins, odds/evens and colours. In this particular online casino roulette game you will notice a post in the bottom left hand corner that states special bets, if you click on the set of numbers you want to bet on then the chips will automatically go to the numbers in the Hot Numbers section for example. Hot numbers are the most drawn numbers in the last 500 spins, whilst Cold numbers are the least drawn numbers in the last 500 spins. You can also opt for the racetrack option in this online casino table game. This will automatically cover the numbers that fall beside each other on the roulette wheel.

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The minimum bet for this roulette game is 1 euros and the maximum is 1500 euros per round.Chip denominations are :1, 5, 25, 100. If you accidentally place a chip too many then you can remove it, simply click the delete chip, hover over the bet you want to discard and click. The bet will be removed and you can carry on as normal. This is one of the most popular roulette games in online casinos as it gives the feeling of being in an actual casino, also this offers a theoretical return to a player or 97%!

game settings and extra information on this online casino roulette game powered by Netent, can be found in the bottom left hand corner by clicking on the buttons provided.

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