7 Gold Scratch card

7 Gold Scratch card is a scratch card with the potential to give you big money for a seconds work and little money out of your own pocket. Marvelous! The scratch cards you play in betting office have the fun of scratching off the panels yourself adding to the anticipation.

Well here in the online casino scratch card 7 Gold Scratch there is no difference, you can still scratch of the panels one by one for that high intensity excitement. The will I or won’t I win feeling is just the gold rush you will need.

7 Gold Scratch Card unfortunately no longer exists. We’ve loaded a different scratch card that you can play for free, or click on the link below to play at an online casino!

So in this online casino scratch card you will find 9 golden panels that you need to scratch off. You get to choose from a button, a hair clip or a guitar pick. Whichever you prefer to use to to uncover your panels and reveal you prizes. The aim of the game is to match three amounts or uncover three of the Lucky seven symbols. When you uncover these money amounts you will get paid the amount shown on the panels that have been scratched.

The panel at the bottom of the scratch card that has three sevens on it, should be scratched once you have gotten the 3 seven symbols on the above panels. Under this triple seven panel you will reveal a special prize win. If you prefer to just get all of these online casino scratch card panels scratched in one go, there is the option of scratch all. This will automatically scratch all the panels on the scratch card to reveal all the prize values hidden beneath them.

Playing 7 Gold Scratch

Getting started on this scratch card is simple and cheap. Each scratch card in this online casino costs 2 euros a go. In comparison with winnings that can be yours this is relatively cheap and worth every penny spent to reveal those money prizes.

Once you have purchased the scratch card, you simply go on to reveal the panels at your leisure. If you are lucky and you win on this 7 Gold Scratch card you can use you winnings to buy more and more cards in the online casino from the comfort of your own home. This gives you even more chances to win big money prizes.

Features on 7 Gold Scratch

To get more information on the pay out prizes of this online casino scratch card you can click on the pay table button. In this game there is also the volume control button and the question mark button which gives you the dteails on how this game is played and what it has to offer. Good Luck and Happy scratching!!

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