Marbles scratch card

So who as a child had a love for playing with marbles in the street with their best buddies? Almost everyone has the marble craze phase. Well with this online casino scratch card there’s no need to grow up! You can still play with the old favourite game Marbles.

Marbles : The aim of the game

The aim of this scratch card is simple you will be shown 8 marbles left in the dark, you have to click on them one by one to light them up until you have lit up 6 of the balls and revealed if they are the golden coloured marbles or the dark black marbles! There are always three gold marbles to find, the trick is finding them before all the black balls appear.

You can choose between three coloured wands to help you choose the correct marbles to win you money. Once you have found the elusive three golden marbles in this online casino scratch card, you then have to click the panel that shows you the potential win and you will collect the amount stated there as your winning prize for the round.

Marbles icon

These simple scratch cards cost only two euros a game and offer up to 50,000 euros in prize money in any one given game. Some wins are much lower but they will at least get you money for another ticket everytime making your odds of winning the high cash prizes even more realistic. No skill or experience necessary, these games are loved my new comers and old timers alike. The new comers get a glimpse of the online casino world at a fraction of what they would spend in some other games in an online casino and the old timers can spend their free time playing an enjoyable game that requires no concentration at all!

For all the additional information regarding this scratch card– Marbles you can click the pay table for pay out related information, the question mark for game playing related information and the volume button to adjust the sounds for your hearing pleasure. Good Luck and don’t lose your marbles!

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