Triple Wins Jackpot scratch card

Triple Wins Jackpot is similar to Triple Wins Classic, however this is slightly higher priced with higher rewards and a more rich look and feel to the game. With it’s classy golden background and high roller style scratch tools this is definetly one for the elite scratch card player.

The themes of the card oozes sophistication with the woman in the background showing off her immaculately painted striking red nails and lips to match, this oozes class and is dripping with the thought of you winning big money! This scratch card will have you feeling a million bucks just by playing it!

Triple Wins Jackpot unfortunately no longer exists. We’ve loaded a different scratch card that you can play for free, or click on the link below to play at an online casino!

What to expect from Triple Wins Jackpot:

Triple Wins Jackpot is a high roller game still only costs 2 euros a go, and you can opt to buy 10 cards all at once by clicking the button ’10 new tickets’. The cards you have picked will be held above the buttons for you to choose your lucky winning card yourself. You can scroll over the cards using your mouse and stop and click on the one you want to play first. This is then drawn and you can either scratch the panels one by one or you can click the reveal all button to uncover everything in one go.

If you are lucky enough to find three or more of the same value you will win this amount and it will be added to your credit balance. But that’s not all that you win in this online casino game, the amount you win in the three of a kind is then multiplied by whatever the multiplier reveals! This is such a great scratch card that you will be hooked from the moment you choose that all important scratch tool. The scratch tools available in this game are listed here below:

  • a diamond ring
  • a hair grip
  • a leather key ring
  • a euro coin

Take your pick and be lucky with this superb online casino scratch card game. The game settings available for this game can be found under the spanner button and the pay table will give you the information you want on pay outs. The highest win for this game is 30 000 euros, so well worth your 2 euro initial bets for sure. Good Luck!

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