Crime Scene slot

Crime Scene from NetEnt is End of Life since early 2020. You can find our Crime Scene review below.

Help solve the crime by putting all the clues together and winning big. This slot has it all, from fingerprints to murder weapons to bloody footprints. Crime scenes are wherever an illegal act has taken place and from where the police can start to piece together the way the crime occurred and how. The slot has real life police sounds and is set in an alleyway near a dumpster….just like the movies !

This Crime scene slot also boasts a great feature bonus game. To activate the bonus feature you must get 3 or more bonus symbols. You then have the chance to uncover various files that are worth some serious coinage. This goes until you uncover some evidence, you then get a finger print to add to your files plus extra wins. If you land on the x sign, you will either be taken back to the slot game or you will be given a second chance- once you land on the second x sign the game will be over.

Getting started :

  • Crime Scene is a 15 bet line online casino slot
  • This slot features the new sticky wild symbol with a x3 multiplier
  • Coin denominations start from 1 cent and go up to 1 euro
  • Wins on bet lines are multiplied by the value of the coin bet
  • Lines are won from left to right
  • Wins on all lines are added together for a total spin win

Some might instantly think of the CSI drama series when they start to play this slot from NetEnt. This popular show has different versions set in American states and shows to a certain degree what the crime scene investigators go through to catch the killer, in an obviously very exaggerated way of course. It relates by the use of symbols and bonus game, the step by step process detectives must go through to find the culprit. The scene of the crime is the crucial part of any crime and must not be tampered with in any way before the professionals have been over it and our satisfied they have gotten all the information they can to find and convict the right person.

Crime Scene Sticky win

If you land on the sticky wild symbol in this online casino slot Crime scene, you will get the total line win x 3 . When a sticky win symbol is spun on the reels, it will then stay in position until their are no more symbol combinations on the screen or for 5 spins if  a combination is made every spin.  If more than 1 sticky symbol appears, they are considered separately and are number of spins won are not added.

Bonus game

Three or more bonus symbols will activate this feature game , once in the bonus game you are shown 30 police files. These can b clicked on one at a time to reveal an amount of coins. These coins are all added together to your total win. Under some files you will find an evidence symbol – in the style of a fingerprint. These symbols are also worth coin value which is added to the rest of the total win. You can find up to 4 pieces of evidence in each bonus game, when the 4 are found  you have a big win chance. If the x symbol is uncovered, the game is over, before you return to the reels though you are shown 4 envelopes.

You choose 1 of these 4, under these envelopes you can find 1 of 3 prizes: more coins to add to your total, a chance to double your total win or a chance to go back to play the bonus game at the same state you left it in. You could also land on a a green v symbol, one of these will cancel out the first red x symbol you uncover and allow you to keep on playing until the next x appears. The wins in the bonus game are influenced by the bet you place during the online slot game- higher the bet is equal to higher winnings in the Crime scene feature game.

Additional information

Symbol values differ from symbol to symbol. They maximum payout for 5 symbols on the screen are as follows:

  • 5 x Footprint symbol = 750
  • 5x crime scene kit symbol = 500
  • 5x briefcase symbol = 200
  • 5x gun symbol = 200
  • 5x A symbol = 50
  • 5x K symbol =40
  • 5x Q symbol = 40
  • 5x J symbol = 30
  • 5x 10 symbol =30

Game settings can be found to the left of the online casino slot Crime scene by pressing the spanner symbol. Here you will find all the game playing options such as :

  • Quick spin
  • Intro on/off
  • Graphics quality controller
  • Audio preferences
  • keyboard shortcuts ( if applicable)

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