Fruit Shop slot

A classic style slot, with the usual suspects for symbols – oranges , cherries, lemons and plums. Transports you back to the days in the arcade. This fun and fruity slot is really easy to play. Get a fruit shop symbol in combination with a couple of fruits to get your free spins and watch the pennies add up. This online casino slot offers free spins with most bet wins, so even more chances to win big more often. This game has more to offer than you see at first glance, with its multiplying free spins and multiplying wilds, this game is a must if you want to win win win.

Play for Real Money

Getting started:

  • This game offers a chance to bet up to 150 euros per spin.
  • Fruit shop has 15 bet lines and 10 bet levels with coin values from 1 to 50 coins.
  • Wins play from left to right.
  • This online casino slot offers free spins and wild substitutions.

This classic slot’s theme is based on your typical local fruit shop. There are hundreds of fruits available all over the world, some like the ones used in this slot are the traditional ones that are common in most households such as the banana, orange, apple and pear. But further a field you can find more exotic style fruits such as the Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) which is found in East Asia, Kiwano which is originally from Africa, Rambutan which is from Indonesia and the Ackee which is Jamaica’s traditional fruit. These rare fruits may not be found at your local fruit shop, but maybe by playing this slot you can get yourself a plane ticket to jet off and try these delicious fruits.

Free spins

Free spins are awarded every time you make a winning bet line of matching fruit symbols. So for example, if you were to spin and land on the cherry symbol, then free spins would pay out as follows :

  • 2 x cherries = 1 free spin
  • 3 x cherries = 1 free spin
  • 4 x cherries = 2 free spins
  • 5 x cherries = 5 free spins

The same rule applies to all fruits, free spin values for each fruit can be found on the second page of the pay table. Additional free spins can be won whilst playing the triggering free spin round, this is done in the same way as the initial free spin game- by spinning bet line combinations of fruits. The free spins will be awarded as per the amount and type of fruit symbols on the screen.  Wins during free spins pay out x2, all wins containing a wild symbol pay out as per the wild multiplier as well as the free spins multiplier for even bigger wins.

Symbol values


  • x5 = 2000
  • x4 = 300
  • x3 = 25
  • x2 = 5


  • x5 = 1000
  • x4 = 150
  • x3 = 25


  • x5 = 750
  • x4 = 125
  • x3 = 20


  • x5 = 500
  • x4 = 100
  • x3 = 20


  • x5 = 200
  • x4 = 75
  • x3 = 15

All other symbol values can be found on the pay table on the main screen of  the Fruit shop slot.

Additional information

By clicking on the spanner symbol, you can adjust the game settings including :  audio, graphics quality, intro, quick spin and keyboard shortcuts.

The volume control and autoplay buttons can also be found in the left hand side of the screen.

Bet level, bet line and coin value can be adjusted by pressing the relevant buttons on the Fruit Shop slot screen.

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