Mega Fortune slot

This playboy-esque slot has all a man could ever want from stretch limos to yachts and the most expensive brandy and champagne one could ever ask for…this certainly is a game for people who set their sights high and want to earn their mega fortune. The feature game of this slot is a wheel of fortune which offers not one but four chances to win big money.

The first opportunity comes with the outer circle, here you can land on the arrow which will take you closer and closer to one of the three jackpots this slot has to offer – rapid, major and mega. If you don’t land on the arrow, you will win the amount shown on the block you hit, if you go on in the game to land on the rapid button you win that jackpot and so on and so forth until you hopefully reach the centre of the wheel for that all elusive MEGA jackpot.

Play for Real Money

Getting started:

  • This online casino game offers an amazing bonus feature game with 3 jackpots to win, free spins, wild symbols and scatter wins to be had
  • Coins start at 1 and go up to 50 cents. Maximum bet for each spin is 50 euros
  • There are  25 bet lines and 4 bet levels in this Mega Fortune slot
  • Lines must start from the far left to be winning lines and highest paid combination per line is paid out
  • Pay out values are stated in the pay table on the game screen

The playboy lifestyle is one that many men fantasise about, it is a dream of excess and luxury and what this online casino video slot is all about. The setting is a luxury yacht, with the finest in everything and the most beautiful women around.

The lifestyle of a certain Hugh Hefner of the playboy mansion is the male dream. NetEnt have captured the essence of it here wonderfully, so if you want to be the playboy this is the slot machine for you!

Free Spins

Mega Fortune free spins game is activated with 3 or more scatter symbols on a bet line combination. The number of free spins in this online casino bonus slot game are determined by the actual scatter symbols themselves. Once the winning combination has made the scatter symbols will each reveal the amount of free spins and multiplier you can win, you must then choose the symbol you prefer and click on it to start the number of free spins for the round at the multiplier stated.

The symbols offer a various amount of spins and multipliers, mostly when you have a higher number of spins you will have a lesser number of mulitplier or vice versa. It is your choice on how you play and what you think will return the most coins in this online casino game. Whilst playing the free spins, you can activate even more by landing on just 2 more scatter symbols.

Mega Fortune Bonus feature

The bonus game in Mega Fortune is quite an exciting one, with not only the chance to spin for money but you will also be spinning to win that all important jackpot prize. The bonus game starts when you land on 3 or more bonus symbols as in other games.

Once that has been accomplished you will then go on to another part of the game where you will be shown a golden wheel of fortune. This Mega Fortune wheel has 4 wheels : The large outer circle, a middle circle, smaller circle and the smallest middle circle which is the one to aim for. In the first spin of the wheel you can land on either a cash money prize and stop the bonus game or you can spin to win an arrow symbol which will take you one circle deeper towards the Mega Fortune that awaits you.

If you are lucky enough to hit the arrow you will then spin the wheel again to go further into the game. On this second wheel in this online casino game, you have the chance to win a cash prize, an arrow or the first jackpot prize which is called the RAPID JACKPOT. This is the lowest of all 3 jackpots offered on this bonus game but never the less a lovely prize to win. If however you again land on the arrow you will go onto the third wheel. This wheel has also got cash prizes, arrows and a chance to win the second jackpot which is called the MAJOR JACKPOT.

The values of these symbols are higher than the previous too and will really make a difference to your overall winnings. Yet there is still the chance for the once in a lifetime MEGA Fortune, landing on the arrow symbol will take you directly there. Just make sure you click the stop button at the right time for an amazing chance at this bonus jackpot game!

Jackpot rules apply as with all other jackpot games. These will be different for every online casino and should be read. You can find these in the information  tab on the online casino video slot.

Symbols Values and Additional Information for Mega Fortune

  • All symbol values can found on the pay table. This can be found on the Mega fortune slot screen just under the reels. All information on how the bet lines pay out for each symbol will be listed in this pay table.
  • Additional Information for this online casino slot can also be found on the Mega Fortune screen. Just by clicking the buttons on the bottom left hand corner.
  • Autoplay feature can also be used for this video slot. This will give you the option of letting the game play continuosly for the amount of spins you like. There are also advanced options for this feature which will allow you to choose when to stop, for example when you hit the bonus game or the free spin round of this online casino slot .

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