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To open Pandora’s box would be to let out a multitude of evil. In ancient Greek mythology the story of Pandora goes, Pandora was created by the Gods and was the first women on the earth, with her she was given a beautiful jar but warned never to open the jar under any circumstances. From all the gifts the Gods had given her , curiosity was also one…Pandora no longer able to contain her desire to know what was inside the jar she opened it. Inside the beautiful jar were all the evils in the world , she had let them out and was deeply saddened by her mistake . The only thing left inside the jar was hope. Pandora tried to put her mistake right but it was too late she couldn’t put everything back into the box. Her maker Zeus didn’t punish her however , he was wise and knew the inevitable would happen eventually. The phrase Pandora’s box is still used today.

Pandora’s Box unfortunately no longer exists. You can try out a different jackpot slot below that we think you might be interested in.

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Getting started:

  • This online casino slot is a 20 bet line, 4 bet level slot game
  • With wild symbols, golden wild symbols, scatter symbols and free spins
  • Highest coin value per spin is 1 euro
  • Highest total bet per spin is 80 euros
  • As with most online casino slot machines, winning bet lines are played in succession from left to right
  • Highest win per bet line is paid and all wins on all bet lines in same spin are added together and paid out

Pandora’s Box is set in the land of the Gods, this is a mystical themed slot with all the things associated with the lives of the Greek Gods and their fetishes. The great Zeus as always is present in this online casino game. Whether these gods existed or not is unknown but they certainly did in the minds of the ancient Greeks and Romans. There were various Gods for each and every thing in the world, Apollo ‘ God of the Sun for example and his twin sister Artemis Goddess of the moon.

To activate the free spins in this online casino slot game Pandora’s Box, you must first spin more 3 or more scatter symbols. The scatter symbols for this slot game is shown as Pandora herself opening the box with a look of shock on her face. Once you have landed on these all important symbols you will then be granted the free spins. The free spins will be paid out depending on how many scatter symbols are appearing on the screen. They are paid out as follows:

  • 3 scatter symbols give you 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols give you 20 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols give you 30 free spins

The free spins mode on this online casino slot game will pay out all winning bet lines mulitplied by 3, which gives you 3 times more winnings than if you were spinning for money. The spins are played at the same bet you were playing the other spins prior to this round. If you get lucky and land on yet another line of scatter symbols in this online casino slot game you will be awarded even more super free spins. These are added to the spins you have left in your spin balance and played on in Pandora’s box free spin mode.

Pandora’s Box Golden Wilds and Wild symbols

In this online casino slot you will also get the chance to make up your much needed bet lines to get that all important big money win. The wild symbols in this game are shown as Pandora’s father the almighty Zeus. When you land on one of these symbols, it will take on the form of any other symbol except for the scatter symbol. Thus giving you more and more opportunities for winning combinations in this online casino slot game. Golden wilds are similar to the usual wild symbol however these symbols are golden and will appear only on the third spinning reel and pays out all the wins times 4, that gives you a chance at a huge huge win. All other wild symbols in Pandora’s Box will pay out double the normal amount.

For all additional information on this online casino game Pandora’s box, you can simply click the pay table button. This will give you detailed information about all the symbols that can be found in this godly slot game. The symbols used here are typically based on the Ancient Greek theme.

Additional Information

Game settings, volume control and autoplay features can all be activated by clicking the relevant buttons on the bottom left hand corner of Pandora’s box online casino game.

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