Trolls slot

In this online casino video slot you will enter the world of the creatures called Trolls and their realm. Trolls are said to be cave dwelling beings, sometimes depicted as ugly little characters and sometimes just like mini human beings. There existence dates back to ancient Norse and Scandinavian mythology, but these days you can find trolls everywhere. From the little blue smurfs that everyone loves to the big green giant that is Shrek and co. This online casino slot shows a troll family seemingly living in the forest, with mother father and baby troll. If you land on the Trolls wild golden symbol you get a chance to multiply your winnings by four while normal wild symbols give a multiplier by two.

Trolls unfortunately no longer exists. You can find a list of available Video Slots on our Video Slot page. Or play Slots at an Online Casino:

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Getting started:

  • Trolls is a video slot with 20 bet lines, 4 bet levels and coins that start from 1 cent and go up to 1.00 euro
  • The maximum bet per spin is 80 euros
  • This online casino game offers scatter wins, free spins, wild symbols and Golden wild symbols
  • Highest win per bet line is paid out and all wins on other bet lines will also be simultaneously paid out
  • Winning combinations must run from far left to right on the reels

Trolls typically live in rocks and caves and are not very fond of human beings! They are sometimes evil and sometimes just plain dumb, but most are small creatures with ugly features that are unaccepted by people and shy away from the public eye where possible. There were popular dolls made of trolls with all sorts of vivid and bright coloured hair in the nineties and also a cartoon about them. They have starred in many films such as Lord of the rings and the film Trolls. And now they have their own online casino game thanks to NetEnt.

Trolls Golden Wild and Wild symbols

The wild symbols play a big part in this online casino video slot, the regular wild symbol appears on any of the reels and will substitute all of the other Troll symbols with the exception of the scatter symbols of course. These symbols will pay out any wins made with them at double the usual bet win. The Trolls video slot also has the added feature of a Golden Wild. This symbol will appear only on the middle reel, and will take the place of any symbol needed to make the win. This Golden Wild will pay out four times the winning amount, so that’s even more chances to win big money for your lines.

Free Spins

Free Spins in this online casino slot Trolls are activated with the Scatter symbol. Three scatter symbols will give you 10 free spins, 4 scatter symbols will give you 20 free spins and 5 scatter symbols will pay out 30 free spins. These free spins then play automatically at the bet amount of the spin that won them. All free spins in Trolls are paid out with a multiplier of 3, meaning any winning bet line during the free spins will be paid out triple the normal pay out. Whilst playing the free spins you can spin and land on more scatter symbols, this will give you an additional amount of free spins added to your balance.

Trolls symbols

The Trolls symbol values can be found below :

  • King Troll x 5 = 750
  • King Troll x 4 = 100
  • King Troll x 3 = 25
  • King Troll x 2 = 3
  • Mother Troll x 5 = 500
  • Mother Troll x 4 = 100
  • Mother Troll x 3 = 25
  • Brother Troll x 5 = 500
  • Brother Troll x 4 = 100
  • Brother Troll x 3 = 15
  • Sister Troll x 5 = 250
  • Sister Troll x 4 = 75
  • Sister Troll x 3 = 10
  • Baby Troll x 5 = 250
  • Baby Troll x 4 = 75
  • Baby Troll x 3 = 10
  • Dwarf Troll x 5 = 200
  • Dwarf Troll x 4 = 50
  • Dwarf Troll x 3 = 10

Other symbols are : A symbol x5 = 150, x 4 = 50 and x 3 = 5 – K symbol x 5 = 125, x 4 = 25 and x 3 =5, Q symbol x 5 = 125, x 4 = 25 and x 3 = 5 – J symbol x 5 = 123, x 4 = 25 and x 3 = 5 – 10 symbol x 5 =100, x 4 = 25, x 3 = 5 and x 2 = 2

Trolls extra Information

  • The spanner symbol on the online casino video slot screen will give you the game setting options for Trolls
  • The question mark symbol will give you all additional information regarding this online casino slot
  • There is also the volume control button
  • Autoplay is an option for this video slot too, you can start this by clicking the corresponding symbol on the screen

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