Baccarat Pro Series

Baccarat is a type of Punto Banco game, the game is played between the dealer/casino and the players. It is a simple game of prediction, who will have the highest hand or will the cards be a tie (both the same value).

This particular game of Baccarat Pro Series is played using 8 decks of 52 playing cards (without any jokers in the packs), these cards are all shuffled together at the start of every deal. The minimum bet that can be placed in this online casino Baccarat Pro Series game is 1 euro and the maximum is 100 euros in any one area of the game table.

How to play Baccarat Pro Series

The player starts the game by placing a bet between 1 and 100 euros on one or more of the boxes on table game that they predict will be the winning box. The dealer will then deal out two or three cards if playing using the third card rule, the hands are then compared and whomever has a hand that is closest to the value of 9 will have the winning hand. If there is a tie and the player has not bet on a tie win, then it will be a push and nobody will win, with the player taking his or her bet back with no profit.

The Third card rule

The third card rule comes into play when both the dealer and the player don’t draw cards that amount to 8 or 9. When there is an 8 or 9 dealt this is called a natural hand, and both player and dealer stands. However if this doesn’t occur then the third card rule comes  into play. When a player has a card of values 0 – 5 then they will be dealt an extra card by the dealer, if the player then has 6 or 7 they will stand. Different rules apply for the banker in this situation, once the player stands then the dealer will draw a third card if the player has a 0 – 5 in his hand. If the player draws a third card then the value of that card drawn and the value of the dealers hand will be the deciding factors in whether the dealer draws another card or not, to find out more about this there is a table drawn up in the information section of the Baccarat game, this can be found under the question mark symbol of the main screen of the table game.

The way the scoring is counted in Baccarat Pro Series online casino table game goes as follows :

  • Hand value is the value of all the cards added up
  • Playing cards 2 – 9 all count as the value shown on the cards.
  • Aces count as value of 1
  • Kings, Queens, Jacks and the number 10 card all count as a zero.
  • If the combined value of all the cards in the hand is more than 10 then 10 is dropped so the number remaining is always a single digit number. For example a hand of 12 would become 2 once the extra 10 is dropped.

Payouts vary for each prediction made, if the player wins and there is a player win bet then that is made our double the initial bet, the same goes for dealer wins when there is a dealer win prediction. If there is a tie, and the player has bet on a tie win then the pay out will be 9 to 1, if the player has bet on player or dealer wind then the money is returned at a push.  Dealer win bets are paid out minus a 5% commission fee.

All other online casino Baccarat game information and rules can be found on the main screen under the question mark button, game settings are under the spanner and volume control under the speaker button. Good Luck!

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