How do VIP levels work in online casinos?

You can find a lot of information about yourself at an online casino. They will of course provide you with a username and a password and a lot of other things that are connected to your account.

Examples are your personal game history, your transaction history and the different types of bonuses that are currently active. And then there is one other type of property which is provided by many different gambling sites in the overview of your account. That is the VIP level that you have been assigned. And it can be connected to all kinds of advantages that you may or may not already be familiar with. But do you know how those levels actually work?

Reaching a higher VIP level at an online casino

The moment you start playing at an online casino, a number or title might show up next to your username. That can for example be the number 1, which will then refer to your player level. Because you will of course start on the first level and it can then increase gradually.

You can let it grow from number 1 to 10, or from bronze to platinum or even diamond. And that may provide you with all kinds of advantageous arrangements. How this mechanism works is of course entirely dependent on the online casino. But there are some activities which are usually connected to this player level.

The first thing they might look at when you play at an online casino is how much money you’ve lost. Did you run out of a lot of cash?

Then you will probably be marked as a player with a higher than average importance who deserves some special treatment. That can also be the case when you are responsible for a significant number of game-rounds. Because a lot of activity is usually in the advantage of the house. Thereby, wagering (meaning the total amount of bets that you place) can also be a very valuable parameter. And then they can also look at the total amount of deposits that you have made. In short, your player level will generally increase the more you play.

Because higher activity equals more loyalty and increased use of their product. And that is exactly what the online casino is looking for. The images below are screenshots of casino pages where the VIP levels of those casinos are explained. Click on the buttons below the images to read more about the VIP systems and a full review on the particular casino.

The many advantages of being a VIP player

When you manage to eventually reach a VIP level then this may bring all kinds of advantages. For example, it may unlock some exclusive promotional offers or recurring bonus deals. And that is nothing but fun.

Furthermore, you may also start getting part of your losses back in the shape of a bonus or even cash money. They call that a cashback arrangement and it makes gambling a lot less stressful. Because even if you run out of luck, you will always get a second chance.

But there are usually a lot of different VIP levels that you can reach. And that also means you can earn more presents by making it to another level. For example, if you manage to make it to the highest level then it isn’t unusual to receive personalised gifts. And I’m not talking about a couple of free spins, but numerous bottles of expensive whisky and holidays which are fully paid for by the online casino!

In a way, anything is possible. But you will need to keep in mind that you will need to gamble with a lot of money before you actually reach such a player level.

Special treatment without VIP levels

Another advantage that VIP players tend to have at online casinos has to do with service. A well-known, loyal and returning player will usually get access to a personal VIP manager. Do you usually play at a gambling site where they do not use automated VIP level systems?

Then you won’t see that level number shoot up, but it doesn’t mean you will be treated any less. The employees of the online casino will still see that you are a loyal player who deserves some extra attention. And that means you can still count on all kinds of extras.

Are you a recurring player at an online casino that doesn’t use VIP levels? Then don’t forget to open the live chat once in a while, or send an email. That way you can simply send a request for a little something extra and the customer service employees are usually happy to help.

As long as the circumstances call for it, you will receive free spins on the house or a free bonus in no time. Do you not think it’s enough? Then you can always request a special arrangement. Because it never hurts to ask!

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