Punto Banco Pro Series

This card game is very similar to the baccarat game, it is in fact from the same family of games. Punto Banco Professional Series is played between a player and the online casino, and the aim of the game is pretty simple as all you need to so is guess or predict who will have the best hand. In some instances the outcome may be a tie, which you can also bet on and predict. This online casino table game uses 6 decks of playing cards all shuffled together prior to each game. The word Punto means the player and Banco is of course the casino. There are three play options, you can go for the low roller, standard or high roller. All have different maximum bets so the choice is yours depending on how much you want to play per hand in this classic baccarat style game.

Punto Banco Pro is only available on desktop. Want to play a table game on a mobile device? We recommend you take a look at Blackjack Classic.

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How to play Punto Banco Pro Series

The table game starts by both the dealer and the player being dealt two cards each face up. A third card is then dealt to each dependent on the third card rules. The third card rules in Punto Banco Pro Series is as follows:

  •  if both punto or banco draw 8 or 9 then they will both stand. This is the predominant rule and will override all the following rules.
  • If neither have 8 or 9, but the player (punto) has 6 or 7 then the player stands. If punto has 0 to 5 then the third card is dealt.
  • If punto stands then the dealer will draw their third card if dealer’s hand is between 0 and 5.
  • If the player draws a third card, then the respective hands will decide on the dealer getting a third card or not.

The winning hand will be that, that is closest to a value of 9.  If both Punto and Banco draw the same value hands in this online casino game then the outcome is a tie. If you have bet on tie then you will win this hand. The values of each card are slightly different from usual, ace counts a 1 but kings, queens, jacks and tens will all count as zero. The rest of the cards are same as the numeric value on them.  When a hand goes up to ten or more then then 10 will be taken off, for example if you have 12 then it will become 2. The payout table for this table game can be found by scrolling over the bet board on the screen. On the left hand side of the online casino game you will see the last 5 scores in order to keep track of the order of wins. Enjoy!

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