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Joker Wild video poker is a mix between the classic slot machine game and the classic poker game. They have been brought together to give you the best of both worlds all rolled into one fabulous and player friendly online casino game. There are many varieties of video poker, this one in particular is called Joker Wild and the added feature to this game is that there is 1 joker card in the deck. This Joker card will act as a wild card, similar to the wild symbols found in online casino slot machines such as Kings of Chicago and others.

Joker Wild Video Poker is an outdated game, and is only available on Desktop. You can play the Desktop version below, for free! If you’re using a mobile device we recommend you take a look at Cabibbean Stud.

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Joker Wild feature:

You will find one joker in every hand of this Joker Wild game, when you deal a hand and a joker card appears this will take on the value of the card that will give you the best hand win! So for example if you have 2 jacks and a joker then the joker would take the place of another jack to give you a three of a kind win instead of a pair of Jacks. The cards will be reshuffled in every game in this online casino video poker game.

Joker Wild video poker has a lot of similarities to a slot machine in the way that you can choose from different coin values for every hand. The coin denominations for this poker game are : 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and 1 euro. There are 5 bet levels to this online casino game also, each bet level will pay out at different levels. This can be seen in the pay table. You will find 5 different columns all having different amounts of pay out amounts in them. The higher the bet level the higher the payout for each individual hand for this online casino video poker game.

Collect or Gamble option in Joker Wild

Once you deal your hand and have won a poker hand you will be given the option to either collect your winnings or to gamble them . If you choose the gamble option you will be taken to another screen where there will be a playing card face down in the middle. On either side you will have the option of either choosing the colour of the next card which will pay out double your winnings or on the other side you can choose the suit of the next card which will pay out times four of you winnings. This can go on until you lose or until you decide it is time to collect your winnings and go back to the video poker main game.

The game setting options for Joker Wild can be found under the spanner symbol. The options available are : sound effects, fast play, never gamble or always gamble. All game rule information can be found under the question mark symbol and will give you everything you need to know to play this video poker game step by step. Volume can also be adjusted by clicking the speaker button on the screen.

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