I won the Mega Fortune Jackpot, ALMOST!

Online casino players will know the feeling. Almost having that big hit that will change your life forever. This week I had the craziest almost hits in my whole gambling life time, hitting the 2.8 million EUR, almost.. Not almost once, not twice, but three times in not even a week! It was on the Mega Fortune slot, an online video slot from Net Entertainment famous for it’s great jackpots.

The Mega Fortune slot is low variance. You will have multiple small hits in your spinning sessions, just to keep the pay-out percentage of the slot machine on a decent level. At the second you read this post there will be a minimum of 1000 players clicking on this slot machine hoping to win this mega jackpot that’s attached! So did I at several online casinos this week, starting with Mr Green. An online casino famous for it’s unique branding and less good Customer Support. Fortunately they have a very unique selling point: the games attached to this brand (WMS, Netent, Microgaming). Did you know that Mr Green even has it’s own Net Entertainment slot? I found out a couple of weeks ago, we will add this game to our website soon.

How to win the Mega Fortune?

Winning the Mega Fortune jackpot is easier then it seems, no skills needed as you just have to click the button. The software will fully automatically let a wheel spin to the amount you will win during that particular bonus game. In total there is 3 wheels that will spin. You start with the outer ring and can process to the inner ring by hitting the arrows pointing to the Jackpot. The more you come to the inner wheel the higher the prices are. The moment you click won’t make any difference. Sometimes the wheel slows down very quickly and the other time it will do another round. Remember, it’s all programmed, no skills needed to hit this super jackpot.

Almost wins

This week I had 3 almost wins as stated before. No wins but really awful spins as the wheel stopped exactly next to the huge jackpot amount. The first time it happened to me was at Mr Green, the second and third time were both at No bonus casino.  The prized won were not bad, 1500 EUR each. But the way I won was terrible, I would have preferred to have a less good win in one of the free spins rounds then winning money like this. Below you can find the Print screens of 2 of the almost wins, all ALMOST hitting the big jackpot of the Mega Fortune slot.


I have included the balance in the printscreens + the jackpot amounts as prove that it were other wins, isn’t this crazy? almostwin2

As a matter of fact it should be logical that the Mega Fortune slot pays out this way. If the Mega Jackpot is just as hard to hit as the Major Jackpot then the Major would be a lot higher in each casino online, but it is not. We all know that the wheel is programmed and that it does not matter when a player clicks “stop”, it’s even a proven fact that almost wins are more satisfying for gamblers then not even being close to making that hit of a life-time.

Rapid Jackpot gave me hope!

Not every jackpot is hard to win. The Rapid Jackpot, the smallest of all the Mega Fortune jackpots was an easy hit! I had days this week that I hit the Rapid 3 times in one day. Please see the print screen below for a nice example of a jackpot hit, unfortunately not the BIG one! As the name suggests this one hits very often due to it’s small size. Both the Rapid and Major jackpots are local. This means that these amounts defer per casino (module). It’s best to pick the online casino with the highest rapid and major jackpots build up, then you have a higher return to player (makes sense doesn’t it?). Note that the bonus offers can make this a different story. As I always receive 5% cash back on all my losings at No Bonus Casino this is my favorite of them all. This gives you more money to eventually become the next multi-millionair!


Winning averages

You want to start playing when the odds are becoming in your favor as player. The odds are most negative when the Mega Jackpot just made a hit. On average the jackpot falls at 2.7 million EUR. I would not start playing this game before it reached this level. Most of the big wins are made by Scandinavian players, mostly Swedish and Norwegian players. Last year a lady from Holland was the lucky winner. On average this slot pays out the Mega price once every 4-6 months. The first average was about once every 4 months but due to the introduction of Mega Fortune dreams the old version of this games fills up less quick.

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